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Visits:    Posted: 23 04,2021

Further cooperation between China’s Jiaotong College and Russia’s University of Transport has seen high-quality educational resources, advanced teaching concepts and management experience propel the two institutions to achieve higher goals.

The Joint Jiaotong College of Beijing Union University & Russian University of Transport was established in 2019 and the latest initiatives were introduced on April 20, 2020, following a decision by the 66th Standing Committee of the fifth party committee. This new development adds the College of Urban Rail Transit and Logistics to form an internationally renowned organisation.

The initial recruitment phase in 2020 focused on logistics and transport engineering while the talent training model of Chinese-foreign cooperative education was also explored. The training goal is to cultivate compound and applied engineering technology and management talents with an international vision, which is in line with the integration of both Beijing and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and, further afield, the development of the "Belt and Road" initiative.

The Opening Ceremony for the Joint Jiaotong College of Beijing Union University & Russian University of Transport

Focusing on talent-cultivation

This new collaboration aims to cultivate high-quality applied technical and management talents with an international vision and strong engineering practice capabilities.

Our specialty is to cultivate international compound applied engineering and technical talents and combine these with management talents and cross-cultural communication skills. High Russian standards and solid professional ability will also consider international rules and affairs. These talents will focus on the need to be able to engage in design and manufacturing, applied research, technology development, production, and operation management in the fields of rail transit, international logistics, electrical engineering and intelligent manufacturing.

Training system of applied talents with international vision


Russia’s University of Transport is the country’s highest school in transportation and a top university. It has a strong teaching staff, authoritative academic disciplines, and its textbooks are widely used in Russian transportation universities.

It has many national research institutes and laboratories with profound scientific research strength, and it is supported by all levels of the Russian government and enterprises in the transportation field.


The Russian University of Transport is and advanced transportation research and education center. It occupies a leading position among Russian universities and is the largest university in the Russian transportation industry.