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Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG

Visits:    Posted: 23 04,2021

With the continuous increase of China's global influence, especially through the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Montenegro has launched various exchanges and cooperation with China. Therefore, Montenegro's demand for Chinese talents is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of Montenegrin learning Chinese, understanding Chinese culture and related professional studies, an independent Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, which is jointly sponsored by University of Donjia Gorica (UDG) and Beijing Union University (BUU) was approved by Confucius Institute Headquarters on November 1, 2019.

Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG

The Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG will continue to cooperate in language learning, cultural learning, professional education and research on the basis of years of cooperation between UDG and BUU. As UDG and BUU are members of the “Belt and Road” Tourism Alliance, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG will be more committed to the in-depth exchanges and cooperation in Hotel Management and Tourism Management. It will launch "Chinese +" program to help Montenegro to cultivate all-round talents and promote international cooperation in vocational education.

Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG

It will also hold activities about China, such as important traditional Chinese festivals and lectures on Chinese culture; summer camps, to organize Montenegrin students and teachers to China for cultural experience; or to organize students from BUU to Montenegro for cultural experience, etc.

The "China Day" event

The "International Chinese Day" cultural experience activities

On September 29, BUU and the Tourism Confucius Classroom of the University of Donjia Gorica (UDG) in Montenegro held a party to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival. The event took place simultaneously in both China and Montenegro with real-time interactive communication through live streaming. Han Xianzhou, Secretary of the CPC Committee of BUU, Zhou Tong, Vice-president of BUU, Vukotić, Rector of the UDG, Jovetić, Director of Montenegro State TV, and representatives of teachers and students of the two universities attended the event together. Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro Liu Jin sent a video for congratulation.

At the event, Zhou Tong, on behalf of BUU, signed a trilateral cooperation agreement on industry-university-research cooperation base with the UDG and Inter-Continental Hotels Group PLC (IHG) to promote the international industry-university-research cooperation in tourism-related industries of the three parties.

On behalf of BUU, Zhou Tong signed the trilateral cooperation agreement on industry-university-research cooperation base

In the student exchange session, students of the two universities introduced the National Day of both counties, the Mid-Autumn Festival of China, and important traditional festivals of Montenegro, carried out a lively discussion and presented special performances such as a guzheng show. The party came to an end with the chorus of the famous Montenegrin song Oh Goodbye My Friend.