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BUU's excavation work will bring cultural relics to life

Visits: Source:Converged Media Center Author: Posted: 01 04,2024

BUU made an important breakthrough recently when its ‘Dynamic Display of Beijing-Excavated Clothing Images,’ was selected as a key project for original campus culture in Beijing colleges.

"Dynamic Display of Beijing-Excavated Clothing Images" performance

This follows the announcement of the results of the Beijing colleges' campus original cultural works selection and is an important achievement in BUU’s ‘culture-immersed’ initiative.

Restored Group Portrait (Partial)

Group Photo of the Team

Exhibition and Performance of the Work

BUU’s ‘Dynamic Display of Beijing-Excavated Clothing Images’ focuses on murals and unearthed artifacts that contain information about ancient clothing from significant archaeological discoveries in various eras in the Beijing area. It integrates academic achievements from multiple fields, including tomb archaeology, art archaeology, ceramic archaeology, clothing history, and jewelry history. Based on in-depth research of the material culture represented in the artifacts and murals, the work involves restoration and production. Coupled with new media technology, it presents ancient clothing, furniture, and objects in a vivid manner through a combination of live models in ‘dynamic display’ and ‘interactive demonstration’ using augmented reality, truly bringing the cultural relics to life.

Text by Zhao Chen and Li Ruoshui

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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