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New Academy Set Up to Serve Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance

Visits: Source:Converged Media Center Author: Posted: 01 04,2024

The first Cultural and Heritage Elite Engineers Academy in the field of cultural heritage in China was officially inaugurated at BUU last month.

It will serve the significant strategic needs of the nation and Beijing in the field of cultural heritage, and fully leverage the University’s prominent advantages in the key areas of cultural heritage protection and inheritance.

It also marks the first interdisciplinary engineers academy in China led by integrating arts, science, engineers, and management, and it signifies a major step for BUU in serving the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center.

Chu Guoqing, BUU’s Secretary of the CPC Committee, said: “We take our responsibility to serve the capital's development seriously. With the largest scale and the most comprehensive range of disciplines and specialties among municipal universities, the establishment of the first Cultural and Heritage Elite Engineers Academy in the country will integrate disciplinary resources and expert forces from both inside and outside BUU, providing stronger talent support and backing for the capital's development.”

Chu Guoqing giving a speech

BUU president Lei Xingshan presided over the meeting

At the conference, attendees watched the dynamic display of the restoration of Jin Dynasty murals from Beijing, using digital technology to bring more cultural relics and cultural heritage to life, and experienced the charm of technology in empowering cultural inheritance to ignite culture.

The guests of honor jointly unveiled the plaque for the Cultural and Heritage Elite Engineers Academy of BUU and held a signing ceremony with the co-builders.

Unveiling Ceremony

Signing Ceremony

Following the conference, the first Cultural and Heritage Elite Engineers Education Forum was held. After that the attendees visited the Cultural Heritage Laboratory at BUU.

Visite the Cultural Heritage Laboratory

The Cultural and Heritage Elite Engineers Academy of BUU will adopt a new model of multi-disciplinary, high-level training for archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals, cultivating more outstanding engineers for the national and Beijing cultural heritage protection and inheritance fields, and writing a new chapter of the high-quality development of BUU.

Text by Party Committee Office and President's Office

Photo by Ma Panchao and Zhang Yang

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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