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BUU Adds Three New Undergraduate Programs

Visits: Source:Office of Academic Affairs Author: Posted: 01 04,2024

Digital Economy, Cultural Industry Management, and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection are the latest programs to be added to BUU’s under-graduate program following the Ministry of Education’s announcement of the results of the 2023 ordinary higher education undergraduate program filing and approval.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy program primarily studies the operational laws of the digital economy, promotes the digitalization of industries and the industrialization of digital technologies, and achieves deep integration of digital technology with industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and services. The program features a rich curriculum centered on big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, with a faculty team from multiple disciplines including economics, management science, computer science, and statistics.

Cultural Industry Management

The Cultural Industry Management program, relying on the high-level teaching and research platforms of business administration and the Beijing National Cultural Center Research Institute, focuses closely on the background of the "Internet +" and big data era. It aims to cultivate a group of high-quality, compound, and applied management talents with humanistic qualities, innovative consciousness, broad horizons, digital literacy, and social responsibility.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection

The establishment of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection program fills the gap in the training of professional talents in this field in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The program aims to cultivate applied and compound professionals who are grounded in regional intangible cultural heritage protection, inheritance, and sustainable development, and who master the theory of intangible cultural heritage and apply knowledge and skills from art, folklore, and management studies.

In recent years, BUU has positioned itself as a high-level applied university, rooted in Beijing to develop specialties, accelerate the adjustment of academic and professional structures, and closely aligned itself with the development needs of Beijing's economy and society. It has also actively established emerging majors urgently needed by the national strategy and the capital's development. Since 2018, it has consecutively added 11 undergraduate programs, providing intellectual support for the development of new productive forces.

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