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Cultivating Talent in Technological Innovation Sees 600 Middle School Students Visit BUU’s Laboratories

Visits: Source:College of Biochemical Engineering Author: Posted: 01 04,2024

The mysteries of science were unlocked for more than 600 local middle school students when they visited BUU’s laboratories for a two-day event in late March.


The teenagers from Huanggang Middle School, Chaoyang District and the 13th Middle School of Shunyi District joined staff at the College of Biochemical Engineering, to immerse themselves in a range of scientific activities.

Entitled ‘Conveying the Spirit of Science, Cultivating Scientific Ideals, and Embarking on Technological Dreams’, the event was designed to give students a better experience of the scientific world. The College meticulously planned experiments, with experienced teachers on hand to guide the students and allow them to personally conduct experiments, operate laboratory equipment, observe experimental phenomena, and record data.

The students agreed that this trip was highly rewarding. They not only gained professional knowledge, honed their experimental skills, and enhanced their teamwork abilities but also ignited their strong interest in science. Their spirit of exploration and innovation was fully unleashed, making it an unforgettable journey of learning and practice.

In recent years, the College of Biochemical Engineering and others have repeatedly opened their laboratories to middle school students. Through practical education, they have stimulated the curiosity, imagination, and desire to explore in young people, and allowed them to cultivate their scientific interests. Once again BUU played its role as a national strategic scientific and technological force.

Text by Liu Mei and Wang Yinghao

Photo by Zhang Yiying

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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