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Archaeology can unlock the past and guide our present and future development, Chu Guoqing tells undergraduate students

Visits: Source:Convergence Media Center Author: Posted: 08 03,2024

The study of archaeology plays an important role in promoting Chinese civilization and enhancing cultural self-confidence, that was the message from Chu Guoqing, BUU’s Secretary of the CPC Committee.

He addressed the 24 students of Class 2301B at this year’s first lecture in early March. “Archaeology can verify our origin and enable us to learn from the past and apply it to the present,” he said. “Let more cultural relics and cultural heritage ‘come alive’ and ‘become popular’!”

His lecture entitled: ‘Archaeology and the Construction of a country with a strong socialist culture’, encouraged students to enhance their cultural self-confidence and understand their responsibilities in the differentiation of ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’.

"Archaeology is closely related to social, political, and economic fields, and we can ‘touch’ history,” the professor added. "The study of archaeology is in a good place! Seize the opportunities of the times, live up to your youth, and actively devote yourselves to the great cause of excavating and inheriting excellent Chinese traditional culture.

“Whether in Beijing or across China, there are BUU archaeologists, and the flags of 'BUU Archaeology' have been planted all over the country."

“I urge you to make full use of the excellent scientific research and teaching conditions of BUU archaeology, continuously learn professional knowledge, and become a new generation of BUU archaeologists with excellent quality and ability to lead the way in the new era of archaeological work.”Quoting President Xi Jinping’s advice to the 2009 undergraduate students of archaeology at Peking University, Chu Guoqing encouraged the students to take root in the field and devote themselves to the cause of archaeology.

Following a lively question-and-answer session, Chu Guoqing accepted the letter of appointment of "First Head Teacher” in this class. He awarded the "BUU Archaeology" shovel, a symbol of archaeological fieldwork, to the students, encouraging them to ‘win the 'Golden Shovel' Award’ in their future study and work.

The professor concluded with a rallying call to the undergraduates: “With your youthful passion and solid professional knowledge, you will dedicate yourselves to the great cause of realizing the "Chinese Dream!”

Text by Li Ruoshui

Photo by Zhang Yang

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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