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BUU held the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Graduates of 2023

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The sun shone on the graduates of 2023 on a glorious summer day on June 25 at BUU’s North Fourth Ring Road campus as senior academic staff, teachers, and parents gathered to celebrate the crowning achievements of the hard-working students.


the Graduation Ceremony

The flag-raising ceremony

Chu Guoqing, secretary of the university's party committee, congratulated the "most special batch of students" on successfully completing their studies and paid tribute to their efforts, dedication and commitment.

Chu Guoqing giving a speech

“Remember, your present and future achievements will bring great joy and satisfaction to your alma mater. Your efforts and contributions to society will add further glory to the alma mater, and we wish you every success as you move forward!

President Guo Fu extended words of advice and blessings to the graduating students, “The era has endowed young people with the greatest tolerance, and I believe that under the solid and rigorous teaching of this alma mater, our graduates of the class of 2023 will reflect a more brilliant group of young people nurtured by the professional education of BUU, and they will show an unlimited creativity.”

Guo Fu giving a speech

Vice President Zhang Enxiang announced the decision of degree conferment

The degree conferment ceremony

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Dehuang, announced the decision for the commendation of outstanding graduates

The university leaders presented awards to the representatives of outstanding graduates

Vice President Li Xuehua announced the decision on the appointment of alumni liaison

The university leaders presented appointment letters to the alumni liaison

Professor Tan Haoqiang, a teacher representative and a well-known computer education expert, offered his congratulations to the graduates and added: “Graduation is an important turning point in life, and everyone can create their own future through their own efforts.”

Tan Haoqiang giving a speech

Zhang Xin, an undergraduate graduate from Teacher's College, shared her graduation speech

Chen Botong, a graduate student from Management College, shared his graduation speech

Alumnus Cai Chang, from the Class of 2011, sends his best wishes to the graduating students

The representative of the graduating students presented flowers and peaches and plums to teachers

It was a momentous day as all leaders, assistant to the president, key heads of colleges, heads of departments, faculty and staff representatives, alumni representatives, parent representatives, and all Class of 2023 gathered at the stadium to witness this important moment.

Source: Student Affairs Office   Converged Media Center

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