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President Guo Fu welcomes a delegation from Ural State University of Railway Transport

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author: Posted: 28 06,2023

Building stronger ties and deepening cooperation was the focus of a special meeting between representatives of BUU and Ural State University of Railway Transport(USURT) in early June.

BUU’s President Guo Fu met with Nataliya Y. Anashkina, Vice President of USURT to discuss how the two universities could build on their seven-year history of working together and strengthening international relations.

group photo

Guo Fu warmly welcomed Natalia and her colleagues to Beijing. “I want to thank Natalia for her strong support in the process of cooperation between us,” he said. “Given the existing cooperation between our two sides, I’m sure we can continue to broaden the breadth and depth of cooperation and further strengthen the   cooperation between teachers in scientific research, and deeply explore the implementation of joint training projects at the master's level.”

Vice president Chang Hongmei also expressed her wish for stronger ties between BUU and USURT, she said: “We have overcome various difficulties during the pandemic and successfully completed the training of students, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between teachers and students.”

Natalia echoed those sentiments and added: “Together we have made great achievements and I’m confident in the future cooperation between our two universities.”

Since 2016, BUU and USURT have cooperated in organizing the undergraduate education program of rail transit signaling and control and have successfully passed the 2021 evaluation of Sino-foreign cooperative education at undergraduate level or above by the Ministry of Education. In addition, the two parties have successfully approved the "Training Project for Promoting International Cooperation with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus" by the China Scholarship Council.

Colleagues from the Division of International Exchange and Cooperation and the College of Urban Rail Transit and Logistics attended the forum. After the meeting, the group   visited the College of Urban Rail Transit and Logistics.

Text by Zhao Xiaoyu

Photo by Shi Yangjian

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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