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Chinese culture takes centre stage at UDG

Visits: Source:Division of International exchange and coorperation Author: Posted: 06 05,2023

Strengthening relationships between China and Europe was the focus of a special Chinese day at University of Donja Gorica of Montenegro when students and academics used music, art and language skills to showcase Chinese culture.

Held in early April, Tourism Confucius Classroom hosted the "International Chinese Day" activity, and the "China in My Eyes" competition.

Ms. Hua Yafang, Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Montenegro, Veselin Vukotić, President of  UDG, Zoran Djikanović, Head of Cooperation between UDG and Chinese institutions, Tamara Radinović, Foreign Director of Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, teachers of Tourism Confucius Classes, and teachers and students of UDG attended the event.

Opening the event, Zoran Gikanović, Head of Chinese Institutional Cooperation at UDG, delivered a welcome speech, introducing the cooperation between UDG and China, the major in Chinese studies and the Tourism Confucius Classroom. “China's influence in the world is increasing,” he said. “The Chinese language is becoming more and more popular, and Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG has held a variety of cultural activities since its establishment, providing students with a platform to learn more about Chinese culture.”


Speech by Zoran Gikanović

Mirela Cobić, a Chinese studies student at UDG, shared her experience of learning Chinese. “I believe that Chinese is a very interesting language, and it can be a bridge between Chinese and Western cultures,” she said. “I hope that through my own efforts, I can make my own contribution to the promotion of Chinese and Chinese culture.”


Mirela Cobić, a Chinese studies student at UDG, shared her experience of learning Chinese

Sena Pelinkovic, a graduate of UDG majoring in Chinese studies, recited "You Are the April Day on Earth", which showed her love and understanding of Chinese culture. Shi Xinwei, a Chinese teacher in Tourism Confucius Classroom of UDG, expertly played "Fishing Boat Singing Night", which made the teachers and students feel as if they were relaxing on a fishing boat, while enjoying the beauty of Chinese music.

During the event, the award ceremony of the "China in My Eyes" competition was held, and Tamara Radinovic, foreign director of the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, announced the winners.

Tamara Radinović announced the winners

Since March, the "China in My Eyes" competition has received more than 70 works from secondary schools and universities in Montenegro, which vividly reflect the students’ impressions of the beauty of China's mountains and rivers, history, humanities, and traditional culture.

Finally, the activity entered the free appreciation of works and Chinese cultural experience. In the calligraphy section, students used ink to appreciate the beauty of Chinese characters. In the paper-cutting experience, students patiently cut and made beautifully crafted pieces; In the guzheng experience session, students got the opportunity to experience playing guzheng first-hand and felt the charm of Chinese music; In the Peking Opera Facebook experience, students learned how to draw the faces of different characters; In traditional games such as backgammon, kicking shuttlecock, and pitching pot, students experienced the fun and cultural connotation of traditional Chinese games. The whole cultural experience session had a warm, joyful, and peaceful atmosphere, allowing everyone to have a deeper understanding and experience of the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.


Chinese cultural experience

Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG takes the "China Day" activity as an opportunity to enrich the content of activities and innovate the form of activities, so that more students can understand China, fall in love with China, and contribute to the promotion of friendship and cooperation between China and Montenegro.

TEXT:Lai Peiyu

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