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Using music to promote deeper appreciation of Chinese culture

Visits: Source:Division of International exchange and coorperation Author: Posted: 18 05,2023

The vocal talents of students were on show earlier this month when BUU held its singing competition specifically aimed at helping international students better understand and integrate into Chinese culture.

This competition is the preliminary round of the school's participation in the "Cultures of China Water Cube Cup" Chinese songs contest of 2023. The popular event sees international students, choose songs and shoot videos to display their skills. The judges awarded first, second and third prizes. Subsequent schools will recommend their winning entries to participate in the next round of the competition.

International students sing Chinese songs

This event is one of several extracurricular learning courses for international students organised by the Language Teaching Center of Division of International Exchange and Cooperation. It encourages students to enrich their study life abroad, and enhance their enthusiasm for learning, by using their spare time to read poetry and famous works, get involved in film, song appreciation and other activities. The specialised tutoring course in Chinese songs opened by Ms. Yuan Zhe uses songs to showcase Chinese culture, rhythm, and fashion to international students. It is valued highly by students.

Teacher's College Duan Jingfang

Teacher's College Qin Tingting

Teacher's College Xin Lan

Teacher's College Wei Yongming

The "Cultural China Water Cube Cup" Chinese Songs Contest has been held for 12 sessions and is very influential among overseas Chinese and Chinese learners around the world. Its goal of "inheriting Chinese culture, promoting people-to-people exchanges, uniting overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese strength, and serving national development", has attracted nearly 40 thousand contestants to participate in the competition. We look forward to our international students achieving further success.

TEXT: Liu Dongqing

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