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Showcasing the many tourist attractions in China wins students top awards

Visits: Source:Tourism College Author: Posted: 16 05,2023

Early May saw the final of the "China: A good news story" competition where students compete to promote tourism in China on an international and national stage.

The Multilingual External Communication Short Video Production Competition, was jointly organized by BUU’s Tourism College and
Center for International Cultural Communication, China International Communications Group(CICC). Zhang Jinting, CICC’s Director, Chu Guoqing, BUU’s Party Secretary, and Chang Hongmei, BUU’s vice president attended the event.

Chu Guoqing said: “This competition is one of the important measures for us to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,” he said. “As one of the most suitable groups for telling Chinese stories, the new era college students present here have used short videos to tell the national and international travelling public what an amazing country China is.

Speech by Chu Guoqing

“They have used their skills in foreign language majors to integrate the characteristics of cultural tourism, to promote Chinese culture to the world.”

Chu Guoqing gives books to contestants

The audience were treated to a wide range of professional video productions with smooth foreign language dubbing which told Chinese stories positively, highlighted the colorful cultural landscape paintings, and the unique oriental charm of contemporary China. The students demonstrated their vitality, enthusiasm and positive outlook in the new era.


In the competition

Cui Kai, Director of the Digital Culture Promotion Department of CICC, said: “The works of this competition cover a wide range, from modern cities to ancient cultural capitals, from strolling in idyllic villages to searching for intangible cultural heritage. The calligraphy, intangible cultural heritage skills, Beijing hutongs, presented in the works are all about innovation and change, and they are all being presented around the world with an inclusive and confident attitude. All of this demonstrates the innovative ability and cultural confidence of contemporary Chinese youth.”

Cui Kai gives comments

Chang Hongmei, the chairman of the jury, announced the result of the competition. “I hope that everyone will take this activity as a starting point to continuously strengthen foreign language learning, continuously improve information technology, further explore the essence of Chinese culture, and actively carry forward the core values of socialism. We aim to tell more good stories about China, and let the world better understand China! Let’s demonstrate the beautiful positivity of Chinese youth in the new era!”

Chang Hongmei announced the result of the competition

Ning Tianyu, who won the first prize, said: “Under the guidance of experts and professional teachers, I have made great progress in topic selection, script writing, video recording and editing. I have also gained a deeper understanding of the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture in the creative process. As a foreign language student, I hope to have the opportunity to tell the wonderful stories of contemporary China to the world through various platforms.”

Award Ceremony

Group Photo

Leading of China International Communications Group, heads of university departments, expert judges, representatives of cultural and tourism enterprises, as well as leaders and representatives of teachers and students of Tourism College attended the event.

TEXT: Zhang Lei

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