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Volunteers’ efforts rewarded by the Confucius Institute in Swansea, Wales

Visits: Source:Division of International exchange and coorperation Author: Posted: 14 05,2023

Twenty-eight volunteers, who have helped promote Chinese culture in Swansea, Wales, were awarded certificates last month at a special event held by the Confucius Institute.

Gwilym Dyfri Jones, Vice Chancellor of Trinity St David's University in Wales, presented the awards to the hard-working staff and students.

“I want to thank the teachers and volunteer teams of the Confucius Institute for their contributions to promoting the exchange between Chinese culture and local culture,” he said. “We appreciate the professional skills the Confucius Institute team bring to Swansea and Wales.”

Issue Certificate

During the Spring Festival this year, the Confucius Institute coordinated the volunteer teams to organize a number of activities and workshops on Chinese health, music, culture, and handicrafts on-campus. The teams have been boosted by the addition of Chinese under-graduate and post-graduate students and teachers who have arrived since the lifting of pandemic restrictions in autumn last year.

The volunteer team has always been an important part of the faculty of the Confucius Institute with volunteers encouraged to combine their own professional fields, such as education, art, literature, media, not only to provide a better means of realizing the integration of Chinese culture into the Welsh community, but also to integrate feedback from cultural exchanges with local people into their respective research fields through cultural activities using the Confucius Institute as a platform.

 At the end of the event, the documentary "Dialogue" produced by Confucius Institute volunteers in the UK was presented. It focused on the new situation post-epidemic, looking closely at Chinese teaching and mutual cultural learning.

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TEXT: Liu Yu

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