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Vice President Chang Hongmei welcomes a delegation from Russia’s Kazan Federal University

Visits: Source:Division of International exchange and coorperation Author: Posted: 14 05,2023

BUU welcomed representatives from one of the most famous university in Russia to promote further academic and student exchanges between the two institutions.


Earlier this month, BUU’s vice president Chang Hongmei met Professor Ramzia, Dean of the Faculty of Biology of Kazan Federal University in Russia, and his team for in-depth discussions.

Chang Hongmei warmly welcomed the Russian delegation, introduced the opportunities available at Beijing Union University, and reviewed previous exchanges and cooperation between the universities. “I want to sincerely invite more experts and scholars from Kazan Federal University to give exchange lectures at BUU,” she said. “I’m looking forward to exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in a broader field in the future.”

Professor Ramzia thanked the university for its warm hospitality, and said that after returning to Russia, he would strive to coordinate the relationship between all parties and actively promote deeper exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

Kazan Federal University was founded in 1804 as the third university in Russia to be established after St. Petersburg State University and Moscow University. Since its establishment more than 200 years ago, the school has trained countless intellectuals and leaders including Lenin, the world-renowned politician and founder of the USSR, and the great writer Lev. Tolstoy who also graduated from the University.

TEXT: Zhang Zhanting

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