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BUU looks to the future at 2023 Education and Teaching Work Conference

Visits: Source:Academic Affairs Office Author: Posted: 04 04,2023

Celebrating past achievements and looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities faced by the City’s educational professionals, was the focus of a high-level conference held in April.

At the Conference

Following in the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the successful conclusion of the National Two Sessions, BUU held the 2023 Education and Teaching Work Conference led by Liu Chang'an, a member of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Committee. He was joined by leaders from the university.

“We must deeply understand and implement the new positioning, deployment, and requirements of the 20th National Congress regarding education, bear in mind the mission of educating people for the Party and the country, and comprehensively promote the cultivation of new talents in the era,” he said.

Liu Chang'an

He emphasized that schools should put down deep roots in Beijing, focus on the "five educations", and cultivate more new talents who are both moral and talented, fully developed, and worthy of the important tasks of the times. “Our focus has to be on talent cultivation, scientifically planning our goals, tasks, and strategic measures of education and teaching work for the future period,” he added.

Under the conference’s theme of: ‘Education Enriches the Soul, Cultivates Talents, and Creates A First Class System’, the meeting also comprehensively discussed the reform of educational concepts and talent cultivation.

Chu Guoqing, Secretary of the School Party Committee, also delivered a speech at the conference and underlined the importance of integrating Party building work into the entire education process and providing new impetus for the high-quality development of education and teaching. “Schools should focus on high-quality development, improve the ‘Three Comprehensive Education’ system, deepen the ‘Great Ideological and Political Courses’, and build a ‘Five Education System Simultaneously’, he said.

Chu Guoqing

President Guo Fu reviewed the achievements of the school in education and teaching over the past five years. “We aim to improve the quality of independent talent cultivation, be problem oriented, explore a development path that adheres to integrity, innovation, and pragmatism,” he said. “We will continue to pay attention to the appropriateness of majors, talent cultivation. explore new models and provide pathways for students' personalized and diversified development.”

Guo Fu

Also contributing to the conference were Professor Chen Guoqiang, Vice President of Yanshan University, Vice President Zhang Enxiang and Vice President Bao Xinzhong.

The representatives of Teachers' College, College of Biological engineering, Smart City College and teachers exchanged their experiences in promoting the construction of education and teaching.

Delegates watched 'Our Five Years', a video which showcased the school's achievements in professional, curriculum, and textbook development, and practical teaching in recent years. The conference also recognized the award-winning teachers who achieved outstanding results in the school from 2018 to 2022.

At the meeting, six supporting documents were released inviting opinions, including the ‘Principles and Opinions of Beijing United University on the Comprehensive Reform (Revision) of the 2023 Edition of the General Undergraduate Professional Talent Training Plan’.

The secretaries (deans), department heads, and professional leaders of each college attended the meeting in the main venue. This meeting set up six sub venues at the North Fourth Ring Campus, while the other seven campuses set up sub venues. The faculty and staff of the sub venues attended the meeting by watching online live broadcasts.

The video  'Our Five Years'

Text: Academic Affairs Office

Photo: Jiang Yuanshan, Ma panchao

Video: Academic Affairs Office

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