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Energy, Ideas and Friendship Flourish at International Online Event

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author: Posted: 13 04,2023

Sharing cultural experiences and views led to enhanced understanding and mutual learning at a lively tourism seminar between Chinese and Russian students in April.

The online event saw students from both BUU and Moscow University for the Humanities forge stronger friendships as part of their mission to boost China-Russian relations.

Keynote speeches from BUU’s Liang Nan, Li Ping, and Moscow’s Taimu, Dennis and other participants, who all spoke eloquently on tourism, culture, folklore and cuisine, enlivened the proceedings.

Many ideas were discussed in a warm and friendly manner, and everyone agreed tourism gives both countries an ideal opportunity to strengthen ties, enjoy each other’s culture and build a permanent bond. The students exchanged questions and answers on a wide range of topics.

The seminar was an excellent example of how the two universities have built up a strong relationship since 2005 and this has accelerated in the last six years with more than 100 teachers and students travelling between China and Russia as part of the exchange programme.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of BUU, Tourism College of BUU, and the Moscow University for the Humanities. The seminar ended positively with representatives of the two universities expressing in their speeches that they look forward to continuing with the various forms of exchanges and cooperation in the future.

(Text: Tian Pei)

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