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Notice of International Students Baggage Collection

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Posted: 06 03,2023

Dear International students:

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, most students returned to their home countries at the beginning of 2020. Due to the impact of the pandemic, some students were unable to return to BUU for baggage collection. Over the past three years, Beijing Union University has tried its best to ensure the safety of students’ baggage.

As the international airlines are getting back to normal, students now can come back to collect their baggage. Students who live in Beijing can come to collect their baggage from March 6, 2023 to March 16, 2023. Students who are not able to return to Beijing can find a trustee to contact us and take their baggage during this time. If students don’t need their baggage any longer, please inform the teachers of BUU.

If students do not reply to the letter or contact teachers to collect their baggage before the deadline, BUU will take charge of the storage of the luggage.


Contact number: 010-64909394

E-mail: pei.tian@buu.edu.cn


Division of International Exchange and Cooperation

Logistics Support Center

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