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The Program of Tourism Management certified in the UNWTO TedQual

Visits: Source:Tourism College Author:Sun Yehong Posted: 05 03,2023

BUU’s Tourism College has been awarded an internationally recognized accreditation for its Tourism Management course from the prestigious UNWTO Academy, whose Executive Director Omar Valde delivered the exciting news in March.

This is an important first for the college as the accreditation not only plays a vital role in improving the pedagogical system and increasing the quality of the program, but also plays a leading role in achieving the accreditation for other programs.

UNWTO.TedQual is a UNWTO.Themis Foundation programme whose main objective is to improve the quality of the tourism education, training and research programmes. For this purpose, evaluation criteria – universally applicable to any institution – has been designed, among other things, to measure the efficiency of their academic system, as well as their degree of incorporation of the tourism industry and students’ needs to those programmes.

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