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Spring Semester Kicked off with First Lecture by Prof. Chu

Visits: Source:PRESS CENTER Author:PRESS CENTER Posted: 03 03,2023

Only by combining the pursuit of your dream with the great journey of national rejuvenation, can you have a broader foundation for life as well as an inexhaustible energy for struggle, Prof. CHU Guoqing told students at the first lecture of the spring semester 2023.

The Professor, who is also Secretary of BUU Committee, CPC, added: “As well as the knowledge we have learned, it is the process of obtaining, understanding and utilizing knowledge that really matters in college, these are the prerequisites for you to become innovative talents.”

Prof Chu drew on his own experiences in college and during his career, and analyzed the complicated background, fundamental content and bright prospects of Chinese modernization, as well as its Chinese characteristics, essential requirements and major principles.

He looked back on the extraordinary performance of BUU faculty and students in the COVID pandemic prevention and control during the past three years.

He also introduced the preparations BUU has made to welcome the students back at the beginning of each semester as well as the services BUU has provided to guarantee their health and safety on campus. He reiterated that the health and safety of staff and students has always been our top priority, so all the BUU students, who have primary responsibility for their own health, should cooperate with the university to safeguard the harmonious and stable campus to cope with the new changes in the pandemic situation.

Having attended the lecture by Prof. Chu, the students were eager for more opportunities to learn from him. This informative and sincere lecture will facilitate a better and deeper understanding of the 20th National Congress of CPC among the students. 

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