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More cooperation planned after Moscow video conference

Visits: Source:Division of International exchange and coorperation Author: Posted: 19 03,2023

Joint collaboration between BUU and Moscow State University will lead to more exciting new developments in biology, ecology and other scientific research projects following a special video conference in March.

At the meeting

Sino-Russian relationships were consolidated when BUU’s Chang Hongmei and Moscow’s Vice President Mazei led the event to expand cooperation and international talent cultivation between the two nations.

“Our two universities have many similarities in terms of discipline setting, scientific research, and teaching models,” said Chang Hongmei. “We want to continue to consolidate and develop the cooperative relationship between the two universities, and to further cooperate with Shenzhen MSU-BIT University adding new vitality as we enter a new era.”

Participants from both sides discussed and exchanged ideas on scientific research cooperation in the field of biotechnology and other scientific areas.

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