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President Guo Fu Outlines the University’s International Development Targets

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author: Posted: 10 03,2023

Bring BUU to the world and bring the world to BUU – that was the exciting mission statement BUU President Professor Guo Fu announced at a recent meeting with staff from the Division of International Exchange and Cooperation.


At the meeting

The President put forward a number of ideas after he discussed a range of topics with the workforce as part of the 14th Five Year Plan and in light of the current global situation.

“The BUU has laid a good foundation on the world stage and needs to make full use of its regional advantages and the resources available to it,” he said. “The Division must continue to promote global exchange and collaboration and strive to increase its international reputation.”


Guo Fu

Vice-President Chang Hongmei said international exchange and cooperation is gradually reviving. She suggested the Division needs to reconstruct its internal offices and finalize each department’s responsibility. “We must prioritize the international work to promote the international development for the University,” she said. “The Division should also work on enacting an index of international assessment for internal departments and conduct various problem-based research projects.”

Chang Hongmei

Zong Yanbing pointed out that the University’s global work can reach a higher standard, become more professional, and more international.  “To contribute to the all-round development of BUU,” he said, “the Division should work hard on researching the target and orientation of the international work, expanding international cooperation and deepening exchange and collaboration.”


Zong Yanbing

All staff in the Division of International exchange and Cooperation attended the meeting.   

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