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BUU volunteers at the First Anniversary Celebration of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games

Visits: Source:Youth League Committee Author:Youth League Committee Posted: 06 02,2023

Saturday February 4, the first anniversary of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, witnessed the launch ceremony at Beijing's Shougang Ice Hockey Arena. 25 BUU winter Olympic volunteers “went home” to participate in the ceremony.

In the evening, the confident volunteers began to work and their smiles warmed every participant in the cold weather. Their professional performance perfectly illustrated the spirit and value of volunteering.


Five volunteers from our school who previously worked as Winter Olympics etiquette volunteers have once again been selected to serve as etiquette workers at the launching ceremony

At the end of the launch ceremony, all the waving volunteers bid farewell to the leaving participants. With their final mission accomplished satisfactorily, the volunteers celebrated the New Year of the Rabbit and the Lantern Festival.

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