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Studying at BUU: Discovering Beijing and Understanding the Real China

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author: Posted: 26 11,2023

A series of new activities will help international students better understand the real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive aspects of China, and foster a deeper appreciation for Chinese culture.

BUU’s exciting new initiative ‘Studying at BUU: Discovering Beijing’ has already seen students beginning to discover the essential history, the inner charm and the outstanding beauty of the country’s capital city.

Exploring Fragrant Hills - Appreciating the Beauty of Beijing

October is the most beautiful season for red leaves and Fragrant Hills Park displays these magnificently with undulating hills, historical sites, and scenic beauty. The journey up the mountain saw students help each other reach the peak together and build new friendships along the way. While enjoying the picturesque natural scenery, the students also felt the profound history and rich cultural heritage of ancient Chinese royal gardens.

Study Activity at the Summer Palace - Discovering the rich culture of Beijing

Students also visited the Summer Palace, known as the ‘Royal Garden Museum’. for an international student study tour with the theme ‘Appreciating the Beauty of the Royal Garden, Feeling the Soul of Traditional Culture’.

Entering through the East Palace Gate, students followed the teacher along the lakeside trail, passing by the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, the Wenchang Tower, walking along the Long Corridor, touring the Stone Boat, and finally reaching the North Ruyi Gate. Throughout the visit, students listened attentively to the teacher's explanations about the history, architectural styles, and garden art of the Summer Palace. They stopped to admire the views and engaged in quiet conversations, gradually understanding the royal garden that seamlessly combines the beauty of Jiangnan gardens with the magnificence of northern gardens.

Through this in-depth exchange and intercultural learning activity, students conveyed their observations and experiences to a broader audience, playing a more active role in promoting cultural exchange among people from different countries.

Campus Orienteering Race Unites International Students

Six BUU international students joined the 2023 Campus Orienteering Race for foreign students from 21 capital universities held at China University of Geosciences. The international students from BUU demonstrated unity, cooperation, and determination, and successfully completed the race, showcasing the vibrant spirit of our international students.

Participation in this competition also demonstrated the charm of international students at Beijing Union University, fostering a positive and enterprising spirit among them. It also strengthened communication and exchange with other universities and deepened friendships among international students.

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