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BUU and Russian Foreign Trade Academy pledge to strengthen cooperation

Visits: Source:Division of International Exchange and Cooperation Author: Posted: 26 11,2023

Talks between BUU and Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA) saw the signing of a new agreement to increase cooperation and exchange following a meeting in November.

BUU Vice President Chang Hongmei welcomed the visiting delegation led by Ms. Volchkova, Vice President of RFTA. “Together our two institutions have achieved a lot,” she said. “I hope we can enjoy deeper collaboration in the future. We would like to see more students from the Russian Foreign Trade Academy study at BUU in the future.”

The two parties held discussions to strengthen communication and collaboration. Currently, RFTA and BUU's Business College cooperate on a 2+2 undergraduate joint training program in International Economics and Trade. Additionally, there is a student exchange program with the Management College.

After the discussions, Ms. Volchkova and her delegation visited the Management College's Hive Entrepreneurship Incubation Base and the Tourism College's Catering Department. “We share BUU’s desire to explore further cooperation, including short-term student exchanges and collaborative research,” she said.

Ms. Volchkova also delivered a lecture in English on the topic of ‘Overview of the Russian Economy’. The lecture hall was full, and students listened attentively and actively participated in the discussion. After the lecture, Ms. Volchkova presented a certificate to Li Anqi, a student from the Management College of BUU, who was a winner in the Russian Foreign Trade Academy student paper competition. Li Anqi expressed her gratitude for the recognition and encouragement from the judges and looked forward to more students from BUU participating in the competition next year.

The Lecture

Group photos of RFTA teachers and students

Following the lecture, Ms. Volchkova and her delegation chatted with RFTA students studying at BUU. Representatives from the Division of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Business College, the Tourism College, and the Management College of BUU also attended the meeting.

Text: Tian Pei

Photo by: Shi Yangjian and Tian Pei

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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