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BUU on the winning podium at the prestigious Progress Awards

Visits: Source:Division of Science and technology Author: Posted: 14 11,2023

BUU’s reputation was boosted recently by Professors Zhang Mengmeng and He Ning when they won second prize at the prestigious Beijing Science and Technology Awards.


"Key Technologies and Applications of Collaborative Vision Intelligence in Air, Space, and Ground"

The duo led thel project on "Key Technologies and Applications of Collaborative Vision Intelligence in Air, Space, and Ground", and their award marks a significant breakthrough for BUU.

This achievement breaks through the traditional multi-stage separation task model of visual technology, bridging the gap between low-level vision and high-level semantics in the complex air, space, and ground environments. It achieves efficient, precise, and reliable all-domain visual perception for integrated air, space, and ground applications. The key technologies proposed in this project have been widely deployed in aerospace construction, smart city development, intelligent inspection, intelligent security, and other fields, achieving significant economic and social benefits.

 Core Algorithm Graph

In this project, Professor Zhang Mengmeng's team tackled the efficient compression of panoramic video for collaborative air, space, and ground scenarios, significantly reducing coding complexity and solving the challenge of real-time transmission of panoramic video. They also invented a fast block method based on coding unit complexity, providing crucial technical support for high-quality real-time screen sharing in air, space, and ground systems.

The Beijing Science and Technology Award, established by The Peoples' Government of Beijing Municipality, aims to reward outstanding individuals and groups in the field of science and technology. In 2022, nearly 1,000 projects were submitted for the Beijing Science and Technology Award, with 21 scientists and 188 projects being recognized in this round of awards.

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