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BUU welcomes stronger future ties with Hong Kong

Visits: Source:Office of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Author: Posted: 19 10,2023

Educational exchanges and cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong look set to continue after a delegation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University met with senior BUU officials earlier this month.


Chu Guoqing, the Secretary of the Party Committee of BUU, met with Chairman of the PloyU Council, Lin Dahui, and the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Huang Yongde. They were also joined by BUU's Vice President Chang Hongmei.


Chu Guoqing giving a speech

Chu Guoqing extended a warm welcome to the Hong Kong delegation and emphasized that with the care and support of the Party and the country, Hong Kong has gradually integrated into the national development framework.

“Mainland and Hong Kong universities have consistently implemented President Xi Jinping's important statements regarding Hong Kong and education,” he said. “They are actively promoting BUU and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University who share many similar disciplines and fields of expertise and have a history of good cooperation.

“I hope that this exchange will serve as an opportunity for the two universities to explore more areas of cooperation, thereby jointly promoting the development of higher education cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong in areas such as cooperative education, research and innovation, the joint nurturing of talents, and laboratory co-construction.”

Expressing his gratitude for the warm reception Hong Kong’s Lin Dahui said: “I hope for more extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with mainland universities, including Beijing Union University, to cultivate more outstanding young people who love Hong Kong and the country.”


Lin Dahui giving a speech

Huang Yongde introducing the basic information of PloyU

Chang Hongmei presenting an overview of BUU

The delegation from Hong Kong also visited BUU’s College of Arts Handicraft Museum and the Arts Experimental Center where the two parties discussed the development features and advantages of their respective disciplines and specialties.


Officials from the Office of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs, as well as relevant leaders and faculty from the College of Arts, also participated in the discussions.

Text by: Zhang Zhanting

Photo by: Ma Panchao

Edit by Rees-Farrell Peter

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