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A Letter to International Students

Visits: Source: Author: Posted: 10 02,2020

Dear students,

In accordance with the latest requirements of Beijing Union University, we firmly put the safety and health of students and teachers in the first place, fully understand the severe situation of the current epidemic, and resolutely curb the spread of pneumonia with the new type of coronavirus infection. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1.The Spring Semester of 2020 is postponed.Beijing Union University will give the follow-up notice on the beginning date of Spring Semester.

2.All students (including those in Beijing and out of university) are highly suggested to avoid going out unnecessarily and take the good protection. It is not allowed to return to university in advance.If students have to return to university in advance due to extremely special or urgent reasons, please submit an application to your class tutor or the International Student Office. With the university’s approval, students could return to university.Each student who will return back to BUU shall receive a treatment of isolation of 14 days, and then you will be allowed check in at International Students Hall of Building 19 that there are no abnormalities in your currentvital signs (no fever, no coughing and similar other symptoms).

3.For the students who are living on campus currently, it is not allowed to leave the campus without the university’s approval. Please take the corresponding protective measures during school activities, such as wearing masks, washing hands often and so on.

Currently, it is very important for all students to follow the overall preventative measures, whether staying on campus, returning back to your home country or travelling within China. We would like to remind everyone to strengthen your sense of self preservation, maintain positive personal life/hygiene habits, wear masks properly and reasonably, stay away from crowded places, avoid contact with wild animals and poultry/livestock, and actively cooperate with relevant parties in their prevention and control work arrangements. It is also important to exercise properly to strengthen theimmune system. If you have any discomfort such as fever, please consult your nearest hospital and report to us immediately.

24 Hours Hotline of Insurance Company:400-810-5119

Under the present circumstance,Everyone should do a good job in scientific protection, reasonable planning of time, and strengthen independent learning!
We strong believe, through our joint efforts, the "2019-nCoV"will  eventually pass!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Beijing Union University

February 10, 2020

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