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Rector of Vistula University, Poland visits BUU

Visits: Source: Author: Posted: 06 12,2019

On the afternoon of December 6th, Wawrzyniec Konrad Konarski, Rector of Vistula University visited BUU in the company of another guest. President Li Xuewei received them.

On behalf of BUU, Li Xuewei extended a warm welcome to the friends from Poland. He hoped that the two universities could establish active cooperation in student and faculty exchange, joint cultivation, and young faculty education. Konarski expressed his gratitude for BUU’s warm reception, and visited Tourism Practice Teaching Center and laboratories of Management College and Robotics College. After that, he heartily praised the advanced equipment of laboratories in BUU and the professional quality of BUU’s faculty. He hoped that the two parties could strengthen cooperation and exchange, especially in the aspects of language and professional student degree.

The meeting was also attended by the leaders of the Party Committee Office, President Office and International Exchange and Cooperation Office.

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