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Vice-president of Taiwan Shu-Te University visited BUU

Visits: Source: Author: Posted: 17 12,2019

On the morning of December 17th, Wang Zhaoxiong, Vice-president of Taiwan Shu-Te University, paid a visit at BUU with his party. Zhang Hui, Vice-president of BUU received the guests from Shu-Te University.

Zhang Hui greeted the old friends from Taiwan warmly, and reviewed the history of cooperation with Shu-Te Universit. There are many similar majors in the two universities. He hoped both sides could explore new cooperation on the basis of existing cooperation and each preponderant disciplines. Wang Zhaoxiong expressed his thanks for BUU’s hospitality. He sighed emotionally that colleges and universities in the mainland had been growing so fast after he visited the laboratories of College of Arts and Management College. He hoped the both sides could continue enhancing cooperation and exchange in all aspects.

The leaders of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of BUU, Management College and College of Arts were also present at the meeting.

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